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“I was first introduced to Osteopathic work through a dear friend of mine, who’s performance horses have all had great success with Anna.  I decided to book an appointment for my personal barrel horse, and have never looked back.  My horse (who I even thought felt good before) looks, feels, and preforms better than I ever thought possible, all thanks to Anna’s work.  She has completely changed the way I look at horse medicine and therapy, and I can’t wait to see how my gelding continues to grow to his full potential. Anna is truly a life saver!”

Happy Client From Oconomowoc, WI





After getting hurt in a pasture accident in 2010,  he has been showing symptoms of shivvers throughout this journey. His owner has made it a priority to keep his mobility a number one priority despite his diagnosis and is diligent in supporting him with my services and recommendations.  Read below to hear what his owner has to say.

"I feel CranioSacral therapy and Osteopathy are the key to the strength and connection we all search for.  Anna helps them get that connection, from nose to tail and everywhere in between.  My horses feel stronger, more relaxed, and more confident after each treatment. Just like humans, confidence is very important and only shows when you are feeling great! Although I have three horses, Bubba is definitely my biggest problem child.  With Anna's help, his shivvers has not hindered him at all and we continue to enjoy him to the best of his god-given talent everyday.  I am so thankful for Anna and her knowledge.  She is a crucial piece to keeping my horses mobile and confident to be willing partners.

Happy Client From De Pere, WI


Bubba is a 2007 AQHA gelding who has been a long time client that continues to succeed at everything he is pointed towards.  He has amassed over 150 points in 8 events across open, amateur, and youth with limited showing.  He has countless year end awards, circuit championships, and all-around awards.  In 2011 he was the Novice Amateur All-Around horse at the Region 3 Show, with wins in Hunter Under Saddle and Equitation and top tens in Showmanship and Horsemanship.  This year he added a top five in NY HUS and two top tens in Youth HUS 15-18 and NYATT HUS.





“Anna has been a part of my horse life for over ten years. She is my first go-to when troubleshooting bio-mechanical or performance issues. Osteopaths are trained to evaluate visceral (organs), nervous system (CranioSacral) and skeletal imbalances.  I am always looking for root cause, and Anna can often times point to nervous system blockage, or organs (gut, congested kidneys, liver, bladder, ovaries) when they loose optimum function. Through Osteopathic techniques, these systems can regain their natural motility and the body can overcome dysfunctional movement and regain healing. Anna’s partnering  with like-minded veterinary doctors has been the best blend of preventative equine care I can provide to my horses. Learning to look, listen and feel through the eyes of an Osteopath has opened an expansive world that our horses need and want.”

Tammy Risseeuw, Wildwind Farm, Sheboygan, WI





"I have had the privilege of having Anna work on my horses for the past 2 years. It’s not too often that you run into someone as passionate and knowledgeable about their work as she is. Anna is highly skilled in cranio sacral and adjusting and has a wealth of knowledge on holistic horse keeping. She works along side veterinarians when needed to help diagnosis and address problems. Not one part of your horses health will be overlooked in a session. 
As a trainer, having Anna work on my horses is a perfect way to help horses in training progress pain/problem free, and it gives my competition horses a great advantage in the show ring too!
Thank you Anna for your amazing commitment to equine health and happiness."

Happy Client





"For the first time in many months I did not wake up with lower back spasms!  I could actually get out of bed and stand up straight, amazing!  I feel more open and can't wait to see how I continue to shift.  Thank you so much and I can't wait for your next visit!"

Happy Client From Madison, WI

"Tonight I rode my horse for the first time since our treatment and he felt much better and stepped nicely into the canter both ways. My lower back is the best it has been in years! Thanks again, we are looking forward to our next appointment!"

Happy Client From Omro, WI

If you would like to add your testimonial about what Anna has done for you or your horse please contact her directly.

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