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Anna Schueler LMT, EDO


Growing up on a dairy farm, my love for animals was always present, but I inherited my passion for horses from my grandpa.  My grandparents started my love for horses by putting me in riding lessons when I was six years old. I was instantly hooked! As such, my grandpa bought me my first horse when I was 10. Growing up, I participated in 4-H and moved on to competing on the local open show circuit as a young adult.

Currently, I own two Quarter Horse mares: Chips Private Dancer, aka Jasmine, and her daughter I'm Made to Dance, aka Iris.  They have been a huge part of my learning process as I still continue to learn and grow with them.  

Because of Jasmine, I met my husband.  She came up lame with a flexor tendon issue and that started an entirely different path for my learning process as I worked alongside Derek, my farrier and now husband, to help her heal.

Derek is a certified farrier with the American Farriers Association. He is dedicated to continue his education with clinics and competing at state contests along with the World Champion Blacksmiths.

I have had such a great opportunity to attends some of the clinics and learn from him and some of the leading farriers from all over the world in regards to how the hoof affects the body and how the body affects the hoof. 

Through my years of education and experience, I have had opportunities to work in conjunction with veterinary practices and medicine to collaborate on how to treat horses as a whole dynamic being.


Anna's Education

  • Associates degree in Agribusiness and applied science technology 

  • Graduate of the Vluggen Institute for Equine Osteopathy and Education 

  • Graduate of Fox Valley School of Massage Therapy 

  • Training with Upledger institute for CranioSacral therapy 

  • Training with the Barral institute for visceral manipulation

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